Tips Tops ‘n’ Tan has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading anti ageing skincare brands, Crystal Clear, to offer Crystal Clear’s fabulous COMCIT facials and skincare.

We are so excited to be the first salon in our area who are able to offer this exclusive treatment to all our clients”

A celebrities’ and A-lister’s favourite, Crystal Clear fans include the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Colin Firth – it’s the ultimate star choice for silky smooth, younger looking skin.

As chemical-intensive treatments such as Botox and fillers fall out of favour, non-surgical treatments to reduce the signs of aging, are on the increase. Heralding this move is Crystal Clear COMCIT™, the latest age defying alternative that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Crystal Clear COMCIT™ (Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy) is a unique, minimally invasive facial treatment that significantly reduces lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates skin texture and firmness.

It delivers cryo oxygen, skin infusion and oxygen simultaneously to the skin through tiny microneedles which create hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin, distributing the powerful rejuvenation actives into the deeper layers of the skin where ageing begins.

The Crystal Clear COMCIT facial treatment is painless, with no downtime and takes just 45 minutes. Results are immediate thanks to the simultaneous action of the four rejuvenation technologies. Skin emerges beautifully plumped, tauter and more hydrated.

Tips Tops ‘n’ Tan is also offering the Crystal Clear Skincare range. Using science based ingredients, peptides at high percentages and crushed precious stones. Crystal Clear Skincare targets a range of skin concerns from anti-aging, to problematic and sensitive skin, with a variety of products for the face and body.